Collection: Designer Inspired Fragrance Oils | Dupes

Welcome to the premier destination for high-quality designer fragrance oil solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and creators alike. Whether you're sourcing designer fragrance oils wholesale for your expansive product lines or seeking the best designer fragrance oil to set your offerings apart, our collection is meticulously curated to ensure excellence and satisfaction.

Tailored for Diverse Uses

For Candle Makers and Home Fragrance Enthusiasts

Elevate your creations with our designer fragrance oil for candles and designer fragrance oils for diffuser applications. Our oils are crafted to seamlessly blend with your products, providing a lasting aroma that transforms any space.

For Skincare and Personal Care Artisans

Explore our designer fragrance oils for skin, specifically formulated to be gentle yet effective, ensuring your skincare products are infused with scents that delight and soothe. Make sure to use them at the correct levels. IFRA documents are available in our regulatory section.

For Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Seeking to offer something truly unique? Our designer fragrance oil dupes are our take on the essence of popular scents, offering your customers the luxury experience at a fraction of the cost. This selection is perfect for those looking to tap into the nostalgia and familiarity of renowned fragrances while maintaining originality and creativity in their product lines.

By choosing us, you're not just getting fragrance oils; you're unlocking a world of possibilities for your projects and products. Discover the best designer fragrance oil selection designed to inspire and captivate. Let's set a new standard together, ensuring every application, from skin to home fragrances, resonates deeply with your desired audience.

Discover the Perfect Scented Fragrance Oil for Every Project

Candle Making

Our versatile fragrance oils, known for their high strength and enduring aroma, are perfect for candle making, ensuring each candle captivates with its luxurious scent.

Soap Making

The wide range and adaptability of our fragrance oils make them a multi-use choice for soap making, allowing for an extensive palette of scents to delight and pamper your customers.

Wax Melts

With their concentrated formula, our oils infuse wax melts with rich, lasting fragrances, making them an ideal selection for creating memorable home accents.

Perfumery | Perfume Oils

The rich variety of our designer fragrance oil collection opens endless possibilities in perfumery, enabling the creation of unique, personal scents.


Our fragrance oils are perfectly suited for aromatherapy, with their potency ensuring that just a few drops can transform any space into a sanctuary of relaxation.


The strength and lasting freshness of our oils make them perfect for laundry applications, offering enduring scent that stays long after the wash.

Air Fresheners and Diffusers

Featuring a wide selection of scents, our versatile fragrance oils are ideal for crafting custom air fresheners and diffusers, effortlessly enhancing any environment.

Cosmetics and Skincare

Our multi-use oils blend seamlessly into cosmetics and skincare products, providing a touch of luxury without compromising quality or safety. Be sure to use fragrances at the correct levels to avoid any adverse reactions.

Cleaning Products

The effectiveness and high concentration of our fragrance oils make them excellent for enhancing cleaning products with a pleasant aroma, turning routine tasks into enjoyable experiences.

Crafts and Decorations

The diversity and premium quality of our fragrance oils ensure they are perfectly suited for crafts and decorations, adding a sensory dimension to creative projects.

Explore our comprehensive Wholesale Designer Fragrance Oil Collection. Designed with businesses in mind, our wholesale collection offers an extensive range of high-quality, concentrated fragrance oils perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you're scaling your product line or searching for the most captivating scents to offer your customers, our wholesale options provide the value and variety you need. Discover the perfect fragrance solutions to elevate your offerings and delight your customers. Visit our collection today and take the first step towards a more aromatic and successful venture.