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Spider Repellent Essential Oil Set

Spider Repellent Essential Oil Set

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Why Choose Our Spider Repellent Essential Oil Set?

When it comes to creating a spider-free haven, variety is key, and our Spider Repellent Essential Oil Set provides just that. This curated selection features five 10ml bottles of potent essential oils that are known for their spider-repelling properties—Peppermint, Citronella, Lime, Orange, and Lemon.

Multi-Faceted Defence:
While peppermint oil serves as the star of the spider-repelling team, each of the other oils brings its unique properties to enhance your home's protective barrier. Citronella adds an extra layer of insect deterrence, while the zesty scents of lime, orange, and lemon act as refreshing aromatic bonuses that spiders find off-putting.

Safety First:
Our essential oils are 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals, offering a non-toxic alternative to conventional insecticides. This makes them a safe choice for households with pets and children.

Versatile Application:
The beauty of this set lies in its versatility. You can use each oil individually or create your custom blend to deter spiders. Add a few drops to a diffuser, create a spray, or even place a scented cotton ball in key areas around the home. The choice is yours!

Extended Coverage:
Five oils mean five times the protection. By rotating the oils or creating blends, you not only keep spiders guessing but also extend the effective period of your spider repellent, making frequent reapplications a thing of the past.

Fresh Aromatics:
Besides keeping your space spider-free, our set leaves behind a delightful, natural aroma that enhances the atmosphere of your home, offering wellness benefits beyond spider deterrence.

With our Spider Repellent Essential Oil Set, not only do you get a comprehensive solution to your spider problem, but you also contribute to a healthier, more harmonious living space.

Therapeutic Grade.

Fully Certified.

This Set comes with four 10ml bottles of different high quality pure essential oils:

  • Peppermint
  • Citronella
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Lemon

How To Use:

Diffusers/Oil Burners – burn the oil mixed with water
Massage – Dilution required before use on skin
Refresh Potpourri
Bath (add 3-5 drops)
Make your own… can be used in homemade candes, wax melts, soaps etc


Never use pure oils on the skin without diluting, never use internally, keep away from children and eyes, always check if there are any medical issues which could cause a problem. Seek help if you have any doubts.

For more information on how to use Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils check out our blog post CLICK HERE 

To find the SDS, IFRA and Allergen CLP regulatory documents for this oil please CLICK HERE


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