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It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas time evokes a lot of feelings, like the feeling of getting together with family and friends, the feeling of home-cooked feasts, or a soft yearn for snow. Lights are beginning to be strung across homes and cities nationwide, large tubs of chocolates are lining the tips of supermarket aisles, and there’s that light, friendly festive feeling in the air. But when the weather outside is frightful, how can we make inside feel more delightful?


Essential Oils

Essential oils are naturally extracted from plants. At Aroma Energy we carefully select our essential oils and spend time crafting our unique blends.

christmas eve essential oil blend bottle

Regarded by many as the most exciting day of the Christmas season, Christmas Eve teeters on the cusp of the big day. Close enough to ooze excitement and longing, but just far away that there’s so much more excitement to come. Christmas Eve is our most popular Winter essential oil blend. Made from a mix of Cinnamon, Clove Leaf, and Orange pure essential oils, Christmas Eve smells like warm mulled wine being brewed in a kitchen alongside friends.

christmas cheer essential oil blend bottle

Trying to get into the festive spirit? Who doesn’t want to be filled with Christmas cheer! Made from an aromatic blend of orange, juniper and lemongrass, Christmas Cheer is certain to fill you with just that.

Christmas mountain essential oil blend bottle

Another of the most iconic Winter scents is the woody smell of Christmas trees. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of choosing a real Christmas tree to bring home and decorate with loved ones. Why not go one step further and invite that festive scent into your living room, along with the tree? Christmas Mountain is made from a Pine, Cedarwood and Spruce pure essential oils, for that authentic Christmas tree smell.


Fragrance Oils

 Our fragrance oils are manufactured with scientific precision, but brought to life by our passion for scent and the feelings it evokes. At Aroma Energy we carefully craft and personally select these fragrances to ensure that you have access to the most delightful scents for your home. All our fragrances are vegan and not tested on animals.

christmas cookie fragrance oil bottle

At Christmas time, many people find joy in baking seasonal treats, especially using festive ingredients like cinnamon and nutmeg. Our Christmas Cookie fragrance oil blends these two festive staples with the warm scent of vanilla. Tasty and indulgent!

candy cane fragrance oil bottle

Candy Cane is a sugary sweet blend of Peppermint with subtle hints of vanilla. One of the seasons must coveted treats, the Candy Cane can lift the mood of any festive scrooge!

christmas spice fragrance oil bottle

Our Christmas Spice fragrance is one of our most popular oils. Embrace the feeling of festive spirit early and indulge in this real festive treat. Containing notes of vanilla and butter, alongside such seasonal staples as cinnamon, ginger and clove, this sugary sweet scent summons a rich, complex feeling of seasonal serenity.

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