How to use Essential Oils - Oil Burner - Aroma Energy

How to use Essential Oils - Oil Burner

Oil Burners

Quick guide:

  • Fill bowl on top of burner with water and a few drops of oil.
  • Place lighted tea light underneath.
  • The water and oil evaporate as steam.


When using an oil burner it’s wise to remember that Aroma Energy Essential Oils are strong. You really only need to add a few drops (depending on the size of your dish) to water in order to release the heavenly scent into your room. The result will be a clean, smokeless scent (think natural alternative to incense sticks.) The benefits are immediate whereas inhaling the smoke from petroleum candles or low quality incense can be hard on your lungs.

Different essential oils vary in benefits and can react differently with different people. But generally they help with anxiety, tension, insomnia, can clear stuffy noses and heads, can repel insects, and so forth.

You’ve probably been there before... bunged up with your head over steaming water and some sort of vaporizer to clean out the system. Just a few drops of Breathe Easy oil in a burner can act as a powerful decongestant and a much cheaper and simpler alternative to expensive shop options.

Alternatively, blending and vaporizing grapefruit or bergamot essential oil can help with headaches, stress and depression.  Bay Leaf oil clears up confusion and clarifies.  Clary Sage oil inspires the mind and spirit and uplifts the mind to beautiful levels of creativity and receptivity.  Frankincense oil calms and centres the mind and is a wonderful aid for meditation and all kinds of spiritual practice.  These are just a few of the many essential oils available, and everyone has a unique and amazing effect when released in to the air. You can always blend our Essential Oils yourself - say a few drops of lavender and a few drops of Ylang Ylang - in order to create different aromas.

Safety advice:

Most safety procedures border on common sense but they’re worth noting...

  • Use a proper oil burner. Something firm and stable... not one you’ve made out of cardboard or in the garage (unless, unlike me, you’re actually proficient at DIY.)
  • Never leave them unattended. Obvious alarm bells should be ringing for this one. Also never let an oil burner boil dry. Depending on your burner it could, in some circumstances, break or catch fire.
  • Again, keep out of reach of children, pets, your elderly grandma, a team of acrobats. You don’t want fingers or flying limbs getting in between fire and oil.



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